Bayan Jupiter Information

«Jupiter Ltd.» was found in 1994 as a successor of Moscow Experimental Musical Instruments Factory (MEMIF).

We have kept the best traditions and know-how that has been developed by generations of masters. Different modifications of our «Jupiter» bayans and accordions are known as unique instruments not only in Russia and CIS, but in the whole world.

Our bayans meet all the requirements that apply to professional instruments. As of today, «Jupiter Ltd.» is known by musicians of all kind, both beginner and professional players. Our instruments - bayans and accordions, handmade by famous masters, can satisfy the most demanding buyers with the best taste.

Our instruments are played in such wellknown national ensebmles as «Kubanski Kazachiy Khor» (Kuban Cossack Choir),«Ansambl imeni Aleksandrova» (The Alexandrov Ensemble),«Amsambl MVD» (Ministry of Internal Affairs Ensemble) and many others. The voicing of bayans played by F.Lips, V. Semenov, Y. Sidorov, A. Dmitriev and others is produced by masters of our company. «Jupiter Ltd.» employs famous bayan masters with great experience and knowledge. N. Markov, A. Gavrilin, V. Lavrov, A. Gorshkov, V. Plotnikov, R. Khusainov, M. Platonov, M. Rybin and others work for us. «Jupiter Ltd.» offers our clients additional services: qualified consultations, warranty service, repair, restoration, renovation, and tuning of musical instruments.

Since 1994 our company is headed by E.I.Gusarov (director) and M. V. Platonov (technical director).